Likes Edition 1

Likes Edition 1

The welcome post! 

When I talked about reopening my leather goods shop, and resuming instagram and my newsletter, a family member suggested that I have a section of things I am currently loving (or 'like' in social media language ;).

I loved the idea and decided to deditcate this blog to it. I named the blog section of my site 'No Middle Name' because I don't have one, idk haha.
Nothing is sponsored, it's just a place for all my current 'likes' to live.


So here we go, this week's likes:

I've been making this incredibly easy gluten free almond cake on repeat.
I've made it with sliced plums on top, sliced apples with a crumble topping- YUM, and a simple blueberry version. Has yet to disappoint.  

I've been wearing EcoTan's face tan water for about 10 years. I don't wear it everyday, I apply it after the shower a couple times a week - more often if I have a special event or something. Sometimes I apply it at night after I've cleansed my face. Either way, I just layer my other normal products on top after it has dried. 
I also apply it to my neck and chest for an even color. 
The color, by the way is very subtle, but it just evens everything out; just enough to where you feel like you look decent without foundation. 

It feels like water when you apply it- hence the name. It literally makes your skin glow.

I've also been known to put some on my arms or legs when I need a little color.
Definitely one of my faves that I will use forever!

Botanical Clothing is a brand that I wore all summer, and will layer with sweaters and socks when it gets cooler here in New England. I stocked up during a sample sale at the beginning of the summer, and these pieces carried me through my ever changing postpartum body until now. 

The quality and craftsmanship it gorgeous- seriously, the stitching is just beautiful!
The shapes are comfortable, while still feeling put together.
The natural organic fabric is soft with a really nice weight.

My favorite pieces are:
poppy dress long
poppy dress short
lily pants
willow top

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